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Lady Cycle is a mobile app for natural family planning (NFP). The algorithm implemented in the app, together with data about specific bodily symptoms entered by the user, determines the fertile and infertile period of the female cycle based on the best NFP method available. This method has been rigorously tested by independent, established scientists in the field, and subsequently been recommended as the method of choice for natural family planning by the German Association for Gynecology and Obstetrics. The success of this method is clear: 50% of women who seek help from a doctor because they failed to get pregnant for years, successfully get pregnant with this method within less than 6 months. Moreover, of 100 women who use this method for one year, only 0.3 women get unwillingly pregnant. This means safe, natural, affordable family planning for women and couples who do not want to worry about the health and mood disturbing side effects of other methods.


Would you like to be the person who can help us bring forth this revolutionary tool for natural family planning to women and couples worldwide?
We are looking for a highly intelligent co-founder who can help us set up a start-up and develop our business, monetization, and marketing strategies. In addition, you should be skilled at establishing and maintaining investor relations to allow our start-up to grow and acquire funding for additional software development.


Are you an enthusiastic business developer and/ or marketing professional with several years of professional experience in life sciences and/or in sales, marketing and relationship management? Do you have strong leadership skills and are you able to head a team? Are you able to implement processes and methods to steer a company? If yes, you might be a perfect match for this position! We strive for excellence in our work to provide our customers with the best software products and consulting solutions possible. At the same time, we would like to shape a friendly company culture where everybody is supported to develop her/his full potential. If you share our values and mind-set, we are looking forward to getting to know you!